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Diversity/Inclusive Workplace

An Inclusive Workplace

An Inclusive Workplace

The employee population at Baptist Health South Florida is a mirror image of the people we serve … interesting, diverse and multicultural. In fact, our award-winning workplace:

  • is 50% Hispanic and 20% African-American
  • has a management population that is 72% female
  • includes a leadership team that is 40% Hispanic

We embrace the community that represents the colorful melting pot of South Florida cultures. We
honor the differences between us and celebrate the commonalities that we share, ensuring that diversity is reflected in our team. Everyone comes from their own unique individual background, but we are all here for the same reason. To care for our community and each other.


The Best Place for Diversity

Our diversity is our strength. The different insights, experiences and attributes of our more than 15,500 employees combine to create a robust team that is best-suited to meet the needs of our fast-growing community.


Respect for others is a big part of the Baptist Health experience, across the entire continuum of care. We provide care that is clinically excellent, ethically based and culturally sensitive, serving the physical, psychosocial, spiritual and existential needs of our patients.


We understand that each patient has distinct needs that go beyond medical care to include cultural concerns, belief practices, nutritional preferences, language requirements and family considerations. All people are valued in our culture of inclusion.


We're proud to support the goals of all who seek to advance to their fullest potential here. Every individual has the opportunity to grow professionally at Baptist Health. No one is left out. Everyone has a seat at the table regardless of the many factors that define who we are.

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