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Clinical Informatics

Here at Baptist Health South Florida, Clinical Informatics is crucial to delivering the best in evidence-based, patient-centered care. Our organizational focus on quality is integral to the work being done in Informatics, with computer-based training programs and Clinical Informatics nurses at the forefront.

The ongoing transformation of clinical information systems makes this an especially exciting time for advancements in patient safety, workflow efficiency and point-of-care decision support. Baptist Health is experiencing a convergence of nursing science and information technology that will forever change the way we communicate – and utilize – data, information and knowledge.

We are heavily invested in technological advancements that emphasize improvements in patient and nurse safety. One of our most impressive features is the eICU Lifeguard telemedicine program. Baptist Health is the only healthcare organization in South Florida to offer this innovation.

Baptist Health is also a leader in efforts to standardize and automate access to electronic medical records and supporting reference materials. In fact, teams involved in our Clinical Transformation Project are simultaneously implementing a number of technologies for the betterment of quality care:

  • Bar-Coded Medication Administration Check System (Siemens-MAK)
  • Computerized Physician Order Management (CPOM via Net Access)
  • Patient Care Documentation System (Siemens-PCDS)
  • Perinatal Services Online Documentation (Essentris)
  • Surgical Services Online Documentation (Centricity)

Our overall goal is for nurses to spend less time on paperwork and more time on direct patient care. Continued innovation in our informatics practice is what will make this possible. We have a vision for the future of healthcare and a plan for getting there. If you believe in making decisions based on what is best for safe, quality patient care, Baptist Health could be the best place for you.


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable nurses to use informatics tools, principles, theories and practices to make healthcare safer, drive more efficient clinical workflow and support evidence-based,
patient-centered care.

Vision Statement

Clinical Informatics at Baptist Health South Florida promotes accessible and timely use of point-of-care clinical information to support nurses in the provision of quality, evidence-based care and the decision-making throughout the continuum.

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