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Scholarships & Programs

A nursing career at Baptist Health South Florida can be as unique as you are, with ample opportunities to advance your skills and increase your knowledge. All nurses, at every level, are encouraged to grow rewarding futures within our organization. That’s why we provide programs like these to help you achieve your personal best:


Versant RN Residency Program

This comprehensive, evidence-based onboarding program is designed to nurture and develop newly graduated RNs as they transition from nursing students to professional practitioners. The residency is fully integrated into our existing educational structure, with more than 500 employees serving as preceptors, managers, clinical educators and mentors.


The curriculum combines interactive classes and skills labs with real-time, hands-on experiences that help new nurses gain the judgment, skills and confidence they need to navigate the complexity of hospital life. Our goal is to give residents a structured classroom-based education that supports their goals with the majority of the time being spent on a clinical unit.


Nurses who participate in the Versant program consistently exhibit dramatic improvements in the core competencies, which drive Baptist Health’s quality culture. Residency choices include:

  • 18-week RN Residency in Multispecialty Adult Care/March and August
  • 18-week RN Residency in Specialty Adult Care (Critical Care, Emergency Care, Urgent Care, Perioperative, Perinatal)/March and August
  • 22-week RN Residency in Pediatrics and NICU/March and August

The Scholars Program

Baptist Health also offers this onsite learning opportunity, which awards student nurses with scholarships and stipends while they complete their clinical rotations at one of our facilities. We’re proud to note that graduates who participated in this program consistently achieve a greater NCLEX pass rate than other students. Due to overwhelming success, Baptist Health has been able to increase both the number of enrollees and the number of new nursing hires throughout the organization.


Professional Nurse Advancement Program

The Professional Nurse Advancement Program – or PNAP – is a competency-based program that recognizes and rewards nurses with a clinical ladder type structure that recognizes four levels of competency: Novice/Advanced Beginner Nurse, Proficient Nurse, Advanced Nurse and Expert Nurse. View Our PNAP Video


Each increase in expertise builds upon the one before, identifying the practices that we value as an organization and differentiating along the lines of clinical proficiency and bedside experience. Advancement through PNAP also offers special compensation incentives that reward demonstrated professional achievement.


All nurses with less than two years of qualified nursing experience are hired at the Novice/Advanced Beginner Nurse level, while nurses with more than two years of experience join Baptist Health as a Proficient Nurse. Application for Advanced Nurse or Expert Nurse status is voluntary. Those levels of practice are also limited to nurses who meet the specific needs of a practice area and fulfill the requirements of improving quality across our continuum of care.


At Baptist Health, nursing is a top priority. We recognize the unique value BSN prepared nurses bring to our high quality evidence-based patient-and-family centered care environment. Our Professional Nurse Advancement Program recognizes and rewards BSN Nurses at Baptist Health for being committed to personal and professional growth while continuing to provide high quality direct patient care. Use your BSN to demonstrate your clinical proficiency and professional competence at Baptist Health and come join the best place to be your best.

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