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Recruiters and Placement Agencies:

Baptist Health South Florida, including its affiliated entities (collectively, “BHSF”), does not and will not accept any candidates for positions at BHSF proffered or identified by recruiters or placement agencies (“Agency(ies)”) that are not contracted by or with BHSF through its Human Resources Department. BHSF is under no obligation whatsoever, either directly or impliedly, to any such non-contracted Agencies and does not agree to any terms and conditions Agency may attempt to impose upon BHSF for any unsolicited offerings. Additionally, Agencies must not independently contact or solicit in any form BHSF or BHSF affiliated entities to proffer candidates for positions or otherwise offer or solicit services. If you are interested in becoming a BHSF contracted Agency, please contact us by mail only:


Baptist Health South Florida
Human Resources
Attn: Director of Recruitment
8900 N Kendall Dr.
Support Services Bldg.
Miami, FL 33176


BHSF Affiliates Include, but are not limited to:

Baptist Health South Florida, Baptist Hospital of Miami, South Miami Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Homestead Hospital, Mariners Hospital, West Kendall Baptist Hospital, Baptist Health Medical Group, Baptist Health Enterprises, Baptist Outpatient Services and all Baptist Medical Plazas.

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