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A photo of an elderly man using crutches and a female healthcare employee caring for him.

Caring For Our Community & Environment

Baptist Health South Florida takes every step to be financially successful. Only by remaining fiscally responsible, can we provide for all members of our community. Which may mean expanding into new locations for added convenience, or simply caring for those who cannot afford to pay.


In 2008 alone, we provided $222.4 million of charity care. We also invested in the health of our community with dozens of outreach programs that bring care directly to the people of South Florida. Last year, we performed 20,000 free health screenings, including blood pressure/cholesterol checks and osteoporosis screenings.


In addition, Baptist Health supports the Community Partnership for the Homeless and community-based clinics that provide free healthcare. 


Environmental Responsibility

Just as we are committed to providing high-quality healthcare, we are also setting high standards for environmental responsibility by taking a leadership position in this realm. Brian E. Keeley, President and CEO of Baptist Health South Florida, puts it this way:


“Healthy people depend on a healthy environment. We strive to promote environmental sustainability practices and reduce our ecological footprint, in order to ensure optimal health both within our community today and for future generations.”


With his support, we created the Baptist Health Green Team and launched a new initiative we call “Greening our Future.” Members of the Green Team identify areas in which Baptist Health can improve the environment, the workplace and the lives of our employees. They are the champions of our organization-wide greening initiative which is designed to ensure eco-friendly, energy-efficient practices.


Baptist Health campuses already use indigenous, water-saving foliage for landscaping and collect rainwater in retention ponds to help irrigate the grounds. Future activities will include efforts to monitor air intake and exhaust for optimal air conditioning efficiency, as well as plans to monitor peak hour electricity consumption for more “energy friendly” work flow. Other ideas run the gamut from using hand dryers instead of paper towels to purchasing gas-electric hybrid and flexible fuel vehicles.


“Greening our Future” means looking at every aspect of our day-to-day operations, from every employee’s perspective. Because conserving energy not only benefits the environment, it also helps us to better utilize available resources to improve community health care for everyone.

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