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Scholarships and Programs

Baptist Health South Florida nurses at every level are encouraged to develop rewarding careers within our organization. That’s why we provide programs like these to help you achieve your personal best:

Versant RN Residency Program

This comprehensive, evidence-based onboarding program is designed to nurture and develop newly graduated RNs as they transition from nursing students to professional practitioners. The curriculum combines interactive classes and skills labs with real-time, hands-on experience that helps new nurses gain judgment, skills and confidence. The Baptist Health South Florida residency is fully integrated into our educational structure and has more than 500 employees serving as preceptors, managers, clinical educators and mentors.

Residency choices include:

  • 18-week RN Residency in Multispecialty Adult Care/March and August
  • 18-week RN Residency in Specialty Adult Care (Critical Care, Emergency Care, Urgent Care, Perioperative, Perinatal)/March and August
  • 22-week RN Residency in Pediatrics and NICU/March and August

The Scholars Program

Baptist Health offers this onsite learning opportunity, which awards student nurses with scholarships and stipends while they complete their clinical rotations at one of our facilities. We’re proud to note that graduates who participated in the Baptist Health South Florida program consistently achieve a greater NCLEX pass rate than other students.

Professional Nurse Advancement Program

The Professional Nurse Advancement Program – or PNAP – recognizes and rewards nurses based on their level of competency. This nursing ‘career ladder’ recognizes four levels of competency: Novice/Advanced Beginner Nurse, Proficient Nurse, Advanced Nurse and Expert Nurse.

Application for Advanced Nurse or Expert Nurse status is voluntary: these levels of competency are limited to nurses who meet the specific needs of a practice area and fulfill the requirements of improving quality across our continuum of care.

We recognize the unique value nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) bring to our high quality environment of evidence-based, patient-and-family-centered care. PNAP recognizes and rewards BSN nurses at Baptist Health for being committed to personal and professional growth as well as high quality direct patient care.

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