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Nursing Residency Info Sessions

We are holding info sessions to provide more in-depth discussions regarding our new grad and transitional residency programs.

Please refer to the schedule below, as each session will focus on a different specialty or specialties.

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023 | 5PM

Ambulatory Surgery, Endo, PACU Urgent Care, & Free Standing ER
Speaker: Gabrielle Giordani, Director of Professional Nursing at Baptist Outpatient Services
Monday, Feb. 13, 2023 | 5PM

​​​​​​​BMT & Oncology
Speaker: Shelli Chernesky, Director of Nursing Services at Baptist Hospital Miami
Friday, Feb. 17, 2023 | 5PM

​​​​​​​Med Surg
Speaker: Jessica Hucey Nua, Director of Med Surg at West Kendall Baptist Hospital

New Grad and Experienced RN Residency

This comprehensive, evidence-based onboarding program is designed to nurture and develop newly graduated RNs as they transition from nursing students to professional practitioners. The curriculum combines interactive classes and skills labs with real-time, hands-on experience that helps new nurses gain judgment, skills and confidence. The Baptist Health South Florida residency is fully integrated into our educational structure and has more than 500 employees serving as preceptors, managers, clinical educators and mentors.

Why Join our RN Residency Program?

​​​​​​​Clinical Learning Support
The Baptist Health South Florida residency is fully integrated into our educational structure and has more than 500 employees serving as preceptors, managers, clinical educators and mentors.

​​​​​​​Preceptor Program
Clinical preceptorship following the Married State preceptor model geared to guide the novice nurse towards the clinical immersion  including  communication and  socialization into the culture of the nursing within the organization.

​​​​​​​Collaborative Support Model
Also part of the RN residency supportive components brings together the team in a meeting to discuss the resident progression. The team includes the leader, educator, preceptor and resident to establish goals for the residents’ success.

​​​​​​​Tuition Reimbursement
Advance your nursing education to BSN, MSN and beyond through our tuition reimbursement benefit.

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New Grad Residency
Gain experience, judgment, skills and confidence you need to navigate the complexity of hospital life. Integrated into our hospital's educational structure, the Residency includes guided preceptor clinical experience, instructor-led core curriculum, interactive classes and skills labs, a formal mentoring program, debriefing/self-care sessions, and 360-degree evaluation. RN Residents, with support, progress to the competent level quickly, safely, and effectively.

The length of the New Grad Residency is 18-22 weeks.

Experienced Multi-Specailty Residency

This course is designed to provide nurses with theoretical knowledge needed to provide holistic family-centered care to patients and family members and is targeted toward registered nurses who are new to critical care nursing.

The length of the Multispecialty Adult Care and Specialty Care Residency is 12 to 18-weeks. (Stepdown, Surgical Services, Bone Marrow Transplant, Perinatal Labor & Delivery, Emergency Care, Critical Care)

In addition to the Multi-Specialty Residency for experienced nurses, we also have the following Specialty Care Residency Programs which are designed to offer a more substantial insight into niche departments.

Future Cohorts and Start Dates

If you are already licensed, you can begin your training earlier than the dates listed below.

Please note: The term "New Graduate," is a blanket term we use to include all of the following: 'true' new graduates of nursing programs, applicants with less than one year of non-acute care experience, OR applicants with less than 6 months of acute care experiene.

Spring 2023
New Graduate: 3/27/2023
Transitional: 4/10/2023

Summer 2023
New Graduate: 7/17/2023
Transitional: 7/31/2023

Fall 2023
New Graduate: 10/9/2023
Transitional: 10/23/2023


CNA Residency Training Program

Baptist Health South Florida offers a training program for licensed CNAs with no acute total patient care experience. This is a five-week training program that provides classroom and hands-on training to provide CNAs with all of the needed skills to effectively provide patient care in the acute care setting.  The training program will take place during the day and evenings hours.  

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